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Garmin Unlock Generator V.1.9 By


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simply downloading it and running it to a point where you are prompted to enter your unlock code. As a result, you are able to unlock your C400! We all know that Garmin does not sell pre-loaded applications for its devices. But sometimes a great idea comes into your mind and you just need to share your ideas with the world, and thus we are here to help you do just that by providing the most recent guide to unlock your device. Step 1: Download the Garmin CMap Data Step 2: Open Garmin Data Files To start you must first download the appropriate Garmin data for your device. To do so, open Garmin Data Files on your computer. It is the first icon that you will see on the main screen. The next step is to connect your device to the computer via Bluetooth or USB. Step 3: Download the Garmin CMap Data It’s time to begin. The first file that you will need to download is the S50_Maps.ptt file. It can be downloaded using the download manager of your device, or using the URL given in the first line. Note that if you have a custom firmware, you will need to first unlock your device and then download the file, to get the Garmin CMap Data. Step 4: Open the downloaded file When you have downloaded the file, you will need to open it. To do so, you will need to open the installed software and select the file. The downloaded file may open differently depending on the device or the software version. Most commonly it will show up as a folder, though sometimes it will open as a window. Note that if you use Garmin Express or the Garmin Connect mobile app to download the file, it will be saved on your phone. Step 5: Click the “Unlock” button Once the file is open, simply click on the unlock button to begin the unlocking process. It will prompt you for your Garmin ID. Remember that if you have an S60 model, it will be the “GPS Support” ID. Then it will ask you to enter your device type (i.e. C400). Finally, it will ask you to enter the code to unlock your device. Step 6: Enter the Code Finally, the device is now unlocked. To confirm that, you must enter the code. How to




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Garmin Unlock Generator V.1.9 By

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